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It has been my pleasure to work with FitGolf since 2000. I am fortunate that FitGolf has a presence on site at Stadium Golf Center. This gives me an opportunity to work with Jeremy Klinkhamer of FitGolf closely so we can coordinate efforts for each student’s improvement.  Jeremy is a licensed physical therapist and uses a very professional approach to his clientele.
Many students come to me with problems in staying in their posture during the swing. It is important for me to determine whether the problem stems from swing mechanics or that the student physically cannot perform the movement during the swing.  It is not helpful for me to stress a swing fundamental that the student can not execute. Jeremy works on improving my students’ strength and flexibility so they can improve their physical performance. The result is that the student can focus on improving swing skills without being held back by body functionality. This accelerates the learning process and leads to faster results with less frustration.
I have seen amazing results in my students after working with FitGolf. All my students receive a complimentary fitness evaluation through my association with FitGolf.  CLICK HERE for the FitGolf for Performance Website or Contact Jeremy (EMAIL HERE) to take advantage of this offer. 
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I have included some sample video exercises below that Jeremy included in my January 2012 newsletter. Here is a word from Jeremy Klinkhamer,PT of FitGolf. (CLICK HERE FOR PDF)

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