Putter Studio Lessons with TOMI Software

  • Alignment at Address – Alignment at Impact

  • Path at Impact  —  Stroke Path and Rotation

  • Shaft Angle  —  Impact Spot

  • Speed at Impact  —  Stroke Tempo

  • Tomi Putting
  • Tomi Putting
  • Tomi Putting

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Have you ever played a round of golf and just missed making several putts by less than an inch? I have many times and wondered what it might be like to have made them rather than missed them. This line of thinking was the inspiration for building my putting studio. I tried to create a model that would lead to more precision in my putting stroke and more made putts on the greens.

The Tomi system fills this need and is the software that I use for computer analysis of the putting stroke. What has always impressed me is my students’ response to the software. It measures eight different parameters of the stroke. The feedback is precise, instant and tangible. It is not uncommon to have a student that is not coming close the hole when the session starts but is hitting the hole from 9 feet nearly every time when they leave. Every student is emailed a report of the before and after strokes so they can see their improvement.

There is a two fold approach to the putting lesson. Everything we do in the studio is designed to get the student to aim properly and roll the ball where you are aimed. Every student is then taken out to the putting green where we also work on controlling distance and develop good green reading skills. Most students need work in these areas also. This gives a well rounded approach to improving your putting skills.

More and more tour players are relying on putting lab feedback to keep them on track. I invite you to have the same experience that the PGA tour players have when they want to improve their putting skills.

**Please book for an hour when scheduling your Putting Studio Session.**