Flightscope Launch Monitor Lessons

I use the FlightScope X3 launch monitor. It combines tracking radar with image processing for unmatched data accuracy.  There are two reasons that I use the Flightscope Launch Monitor as a primary teaching and learning tool. The first is that students normally come to me to improve three areas. They are distance, direction and/or contact. Flightscope allows me to quantify these areas and show the student the degree of improvement that a particular swing change has created.
Instead of exaggerating a technique to move in a different direction, Flightscope allows me to get the student right where they need to be. This way a student can experience a perfect correction rather than an exaggeration. It has been said that video gets you in the ball park but using a launch monitor gets you in the right seat in the ballpark.
The second reason is that students receive a much clearer picture of the correct ball flight laws. It has been my experience that many golfers have a misperception of what happens through impact to dictate ball flight. I believe it is essential for players to know the correct cause and effect in order for them to truly improve.